Tuesday, January 18, 2022

‘FBoy Island’: A Raunchy Dating Show in on Its Own Joke

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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In an unscripted speech that Aubrey called the show’s “Jerry Maguire moment,” one of the men, upon being eliminated, suddenly unleashes a piece of damning information about another competitor: Garrett, a swaggering, ruddy-faced blond who describes his profession as “bitcoin investor.”

Garrett has spent much of his time aggressively wooing Sarah, one of the women, asserting that he is surprised by the depth of his feelings and ready for a real commitment. Not true, the other man says: Garrett has a girlfriend back home, from whom he claims to be “on a break.” (Red flag alert!)

All three women and Glaser band together in genuine shock. (There is worse to come: Wait until they learn about Garrett’s self-professed love of “threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, multiple girls.”)

Another element of the show is that the men who are eliminated don’t leave the island but are instead sent to two different holding areas: a ritzy house called “Nice Guy Grotto,” where the good guys arrive by limousine and lounge around with piña coladas, and a ramshackle open-air structure on the beach called “Limbro,” reachable via the “FBus,” where the bad ones sleep on ratty cots with straw pillows.

There, they have mock counseling sessions with Glaser in which they discuss their feelings and declare, in some instances, that they have repented. Later in the program, all the rejected contestants return for a “mansplaining” session in which they tell the women which of the men are the most irredeemably snaky.

“It became really interesting, when the men become indignant about the douchiness of these other guys,” Aubrey said.

Has Glaser been cured of her own self-sabotaging ways? She’s not so sure.

“I choose FBoys over nice guys every single time,” she said. “And I will continue to do so until I know that I deserve a nice guy.”


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